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Christianity in History

Resources for CH001 and CH002

Welcome to Christianity in History at Morling!

Welcome to your Course Guide for Morling's first year Church History subjects. It covers: 

  • The Church to 1550: CH001
  • The Church from 1550: CH002

Why should you use this Course Guide?

  • It provides examples of reference sources, books, journals & web resources
  • It shows you how to use these resources
  • It will help you prepare your major assessments for Church History

The pictures below illustrate some of the topics you will study this year. Can you identify them? (Answers provided at the bottom of this page.)

(Note: when you click on the images they will take you to their page of access, giving you some background information about the topic.)

Introducing the Library Catalogue

To search for resources in the library please use the catalogue

When you search for an item hover the mouse over the title for more information, the first thing to check is the Branch. Morling College Library has two branches:

  • The Gilbert Wright Library in Sydney
  • The Heather & Noel Vose Library in Perth

In Sydney, a book will usually be in one of the following Collections:

  • Reference
  • General
  • Pamphlet
  • Pettee Stack

In Perth, a book will usually be in one of the following Collections:

  • Main Collection
  • Reference
  • Upstairs Collection
  • Leadership Collection
  • Lookout Library
  • Popular Collection

Within each Collection, books are arranged by a call number (Library of Congress in Sydney, or Dewey in Perth). To find a book, you need to know the Branch, Collection and call number.

Answers: Can you identify the images above?

The images represent the following topics in your course (from left to right):  

The Crusades


Charles Darwin satirised


Early persecution of the church

The Reformation: Luther "nails" his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg Cathedral Modern Mission Movement: Early CIM missionaries (Note elderly Hudson Taylor) Pope Alexander VI: perhaps the most narcissistic of the Renaissance popes
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