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APA Referencing - Education & CCSC students: AI

This guide provides information on how to reference using the APA 7th edition publication style

Referencing AI-generated text in academic writing

Artificial Intelligence and AI-generated text

Page updated 29 August 2023

This page provides general information about the rapidly evolving area of AI-generated text in academic writing and how to cite it using APA 7th Edition publication style. Morling College CCSC students, please consult General requirements for assignments - Bible/Theology and Counselling/Chaplaincy. Morling College Education students, please consult the Assessment Guidelines.

How to cite ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence

APA 7th Edition Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How to cite ChatGPT

How to cite ChatGPT

The American Psychological Association, the publisher of the APA style guide, has published a blog titled How to cite ChatGPT. In the blog, the author, Timothy McAdoo, addressed the evolving use of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-generated text in academic work, with examples. Full article here

An example of in-text citations and the full reference from the APA blog. See the full article for more examples.

In-text citations


OpenAI (2023)



(OpenAI, 2023)


Reference list

Author. (Year). Title (Version) [Large language model]. https://URL

OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].



McAdoo, T. (2023). How to cite ChatGPT. APA Style.

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