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APA Referencing - Education & CCSC students: Journal article

This guide provides information on how to reference using the APA 7th edition publication style

How to reference a journal article

One author
Multiple authors: Two authors
Multiple authors: Three or more


Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are allocated to the majority of journal articles that are available online. A DOI is a combination of numbers and letters which are assigned to identify content and provide a persistent link to it on the internet. 

Reference list

Print Journal

If you access a journal through a printed copy then you do not need to include a DOI in your reference list.

Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of journal article. Title of journal, Volume number(Issue number), page numbers. 

Conrad, D., & Stone, C. (2015). Connecting the dots in preservice teacher education. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin81(4), 41-49.


Reference with DOI

If the journal article has a DOI, include the DOI in your reference list starting with so that the DOI becomes a live link in the reference list. 

Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of journal article. Title of journal, Volume number (Issue number), page numbers. DOI

Adin-Surkis, A. (2015). Teachers evaluate the new curriculum in English: Views regarding evaluation and evaluation tools. Research In Education, (93), 34-59.


Reference without DOI

If the journal article does not have a DOI, the home page for the journal can be included in the reference list. 

Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of journal article. Title of journal, Volume number (Issue number), page numbers. https://URL

Resch, C. (2014). National policies and strategies for the support of the gifted and talented in Austria. CEPS Journal: Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal, 4(3), 9-30.


Journal articles

APA 7th Edition

Journal articles

One author

Journal article (One author)

In-text reference

As mentioned by Bischof (2015) ...


Taking students to local sites can awaken an interest in history (Bischof, 2015).

Reference list

Bischof, L. (2015). The lens of the local: Teaching an appreciation of the past through the exploration of local sites, landmarks, and hidden histories. History Teacher, 48(3), 529-559.

Two authors

Journal article (Multiple authors: Two authors)

In-text reference


Cooling and Green (2015) discussed their research into the distinctive nature of Christian education. 


What if Learning was the name of a research study into the distinction nature of Christian education (Cooling & Green, 2015). 

Reference list

Cooling, T., & Green, E. H. (2015). Competing imaginations for teaching and learning: The findings of research into a Christian approach to teaching and learning called What If Learning. International Journal of Christianity & Education, 19(2), 96-107. 


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Three or more authors

Journal article (Multiple authors: Three or more)

In APA 7th edition, three or more authors' names are abbreviated to the first author and et al. from the first citation.

In-text reference

First narrative citation: 

Cameron et al. (2013) explained that research literature shows that working collaboratively has the potential to contribute to organisational learning.

Subsequent narrative citations: 

Cameron et al. (2013) emphasised the importance of professional development for teacher learning.


First parenthetical citation: 

There is evidence that working collaboratively has the potential to contribute to organisational learning (Cameron et al., 2013). 

Subsequent parenthetical citations: 

The importance of professional development for teacher learning cannot be understated (Cameron et al., 2013).


Reference list

Cameron, S., Mulholland, J., & Branson, C. (2013). Professional learning in the lives of teachers: towards a new framework for conceptualising teacher learning. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education41(4), 377-397.


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