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APA Referencing - Education & CCSC students: Software app

This guide provides information on how to reference using the APA 7th edition publication style

Mobile App

Software Applications (Apps)

Software programs or applications that run on any computer or mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) are frequently described as apps

Software Applications

APA 7th Edition

Software Application

How to reference an app (APA7)

Software App

In APA 7th edition, it states that software applications and mobile apps are mentioned in the body of the text and do not need to be referenced if they are commonly known. Simply provide the proper name of the software with the version in a sentence, e.g. Microsoft Word 2013.

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However, in-text citations and references are needed if there are any quotations or paraphrases from an app or if referring to an app that readers might not know. 

Reference list

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (2020). Title of  work (Version 1.2) [Mobile app]. Publisher Name or App Store. https://xxxxx

McCracken, M. O. (2013). EndNote (Version X9.3.1) [Software program].
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